Saturday, November 24, 2012

Still Being Thankful....and Writing Station Themed Vocabulary Freebie

I started off this week being so eager for Thanksgiving to come...Now that it has come and gone I feel almost a bit...rushed. Having four children, I can't help but wonder how many more holidays will come and go where everyone will be together in one place. Granted, my children are still young yet, but as a parent I sometimes forget to cherish every moment shared...<sigh>.

Okay, this evening I am NOT attempting any fancy blogging shtuff (as my previous posts have not been displayed as I intended). This poor blog has been ignored and left to fend for itself. Lol. I dreamed of being super tech savvy and create a blog like those that I covet (Clutter-Free Classroom, One Extra Degree,What the Teacher Wants, and Inspired Apple - to name a few). 

This evening, I have a simple share, a vocabulary or themed word sheet for your writing center. In my class of firsties, more than half of them are ELLs, which is great. Dual language speakers have neurological advantages (I swear I'm not making this up)!! However, in order to better support their English language development in the form of vocabulary, I LOVE using themed words in my writing center. 

Download your copy by clicking {HERE}.

 Happy Holidays!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Sight Word List and Tests COMPLETED! :)

GrrrrI know I’m a total newbie (is that term still used? – lol) to the whole blogging world, but can someone please tell me how to embed font!?!? Pretty please?? :) Apparently, my very cute CK Journaling font does not display correctly unless YOU, the blog visitor, ALSO has the font on YOUR computer/laptop. :( Truly bummed about this. I know. I know. This is a minor setback, but boy does it bug. Especially since it’s really cute font! :D

Anywho! Hope your week flew by as quickly as mine. I had some free time on my hands, so I finished up the sight word list “tests” and am once again sharing with you - my fellow educators!! Please click below and go download the second half of the tests at my TPT store.

Happy Friday!!

Sophia *

Click HERE to go to my TPT store and grab your own copy! :) 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thinking About NEXT Year...

       Time truly flies! I wish I could say I was having fun, but that's debatable. Hahaha! Who knew that first graders are tested so frequently. I taught 7th grade one year and thought THEY had pressure. Thank goodness my firsties are tough and hard-working (not to mention bright :P)!! 

       Okay, so I started making my sight word list "tests" for next year. I got this idea in my first year of teaching kindergarten from a teacher who was...umm..."hesitant" to share her soft copies with me. Well, I'm NOT hesitating to share with all you lovelies out there. I PROMISE I will finish my entire list and post them (I'm not guaranteeing the time frame though ^-^). 

      Hope this is useful or at least a source of reference for you. I used Imagine It! words first and then our district's sight word list to end with. I think they may base their list on Dolch or Fry's words. Honestly, all lists are fairly similar. The point is our kiddos need to learn to read the MOST common words first right? All words are equally important...ummm...don't quote me on that. ;)  


Sophia *

Click here to get to my TPT "store" and download.

Friday, February 24, 2012

OR ORE Word Works Station

 Of all phonics sound/spelling sorts, I dunno why I ended up making this one. :} Good grief! Lol. I think I was just frustrated with the missing "e" at the end of certain words, but my class thinks if they add an 'e' the o would be a long o. It doesn't help that we have been learning about "magic e". :D Thus, I present to you our current phonics station sort. 
OR vs. ORE Header Cards {click here}
As your students master each word you can make copies of the sort cards and whiteout a few letters to make this sort more challenging for them.

OR vs. ORE Sort Cards {CLICK HERE}

Here's our exit/extension worksheet. I print this on BOTH sides of a copy paper. Students are supposed to draw and label ONE word from the sort (or one they think of themselves) in each box. So, essentially each card from the sort has a spot on the worksheet. :D The bottom lines are used to write sentences using the words from the sort.
OR vs. ORE Sorting Exit/Extension Worksheet {CLICK HERE}

Please enjoy!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Author's Message Day 3

Here's one that seemed helpful to some pinners. :) There's a Model passage for teacher instruction/introduction, Guided passage for student practice with support, and an Exit passage for student independent application. Hope you enjoy!! Remember to "FOLLOW" my blog and leave me comments so I know what's working and what's not. :D Thanks!

Author's Message - Lesson Learned

So, this is a pretty tough skill for my firsties. We started slow by having them identify the passage that matches a GIVEN author's message or "lesson to learn". Let me know and leave a comment if you end up using this one. I'd also appreciate it if you could "FOLLOW" my blog. Cheers! 

Print the PDF 2-to-2 sided so that you save precious copy paper. One side for the guided practice and one side for students' independent practice.

Updated Week 24 HW Cover Page :)

I think I'm not supposed to post more than once a day, but I dunno if I can keep up a regular scheduled post. SMH and LOL... :P So, you'll have to deal with the erratic nature of this blog. Hope this helps. Cheers!!! :D

Book Report Template ONE

Here are some book report templates for you all. This helps my firsties with retelling for guided reading and "DRA" assessments. :D Enjoy!!

FIRST Blog Posting!! YAY! :D

Happy three day weekend fellow educators!! At least I hope you get three days. :( I didn't have last Monday off, so I'm thrilled I have tomorrow off.

This is my first official post (I had issues with earlier posts and trying to attach a link to my HW cover page). I'm hoping I can contribute some useful ideas and worksheets and pics. on this blog to you FABULOUS TEACHERS out there. I'm not as organized as I should be, or want to be, and am AMAZED at how many of you are rocking IN and OUT of the class with management, creativity, and organization!!

Happy Sunday to all for now!!

P.S. I'm sure I'll make plenty of newbie blogger mistakes so you'll have to bear with me. Cheers to all!!