Friday, July 12, 2013

Depth vs. Breadth?

Common Core State Standards...Saving Grace or Misguided Efforts?'s here. It's been "here" in several districts for a while now. However, there's still no definitive "task analysis" of the standards that teachers are now expected to teach and delve deeply into. 
     New training, new curriculum, new teacher thinking, and pacing. Well, it all sounds exciting to me, but depending on who else you talk to the feeling may not be mutual. Perhaps I just don't know enough to be in fear or maybe I'm blinded by the "bling" of finally achieving consistency of what is taught across all states (ahem...MOST states). 
     My district will not be implementing CCSS yet this coming fall 2013, but is in search of more information and practices that seem to support CCSS as it's truly meant to be taught. 
     How has your district implemented CCSS or how are they/you preparing to teach CCSS?