Friday, April 27, 2012

Sight Word List and Tests COMPLETED! :)

GrrrrI know I’m a total newbie (is that term still used? – lol) to the whole blogging world, but can someone please tell me how to embed font!?!? Pretty please?? :) Apparently, my very cute CK Journaling font does not display correctly unless YOU, the blog visitor, ALSO has the font on YOUR computer/laptop. :( Truly bummed about this. I know. I know. This is a minor setback, but boy does it bug. Especially since it’s really cute font! :D

Anywho! Hope your week flew by as quickly as mine. I had some free time on my hands, so I finished up the sight word list “tests” and am once again sharing with you - my fellow educators!! Please click below and go download the second half of the tests at my TPT store.

Happy Friday!!

Sophia *

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thinking About NEXT Year...

       Time truly flies! I wish I could say I was having fun, but that's debatable. Hahaha! Who knew that first graders are tested so frequently. I taught 7th grade one year and thought THEY had pressure. Thank goodness my firsties are tough and hard-working (not to mention bright :P)!! 

       Okay, so I started making my sight word list "tests" for next year. I got this idea in my first year of teaching kindergarten from a teacher who was...umm..."hesitant" to share her soft copies with me. Well, I'm NOT hesitating to share with all you lovelies out there. I PROMISE I will finish my entire list and post them (I'm not guaranteeing the time frame though ^-^). 

      Hope this is useful or at least a source of reference for you. I used Imagine It! words first and then our district's sight word list to end with. I think they may base their list on Dolch or Fry's words. Honestly, all lists are fairly similar. The point is our kiddos need to learn to read the MOST common words first right? All words are equally important...ummm...don't quote me on that. ;)  


Sophia *

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